My name is Jeff Ballinger, and I’m running to represent the citizens of Massachusetts’ 3rd congressional district. I’m passionate about:

  • Digging into political disclosure and accountability policies and practices of leading U.S. public companies
  • Protecting our children from advertising—nearly every advanced economy is far ahead of the U.S. on this front
  • Companies “going private” to follow an ethical vision instead of bending to shareholders’ every whim. Our government should encourage this so that Wall Street will have less power to dictate terms to American workers and businesses
  • Rewarding producers which keep production in the U.S.— it is unconscionable that Pentagon procurement officials gave New Balance (with factories right here in Lawrence, MA) such a difficult time while mandated to buy gear made in America
  • “Preventive diplomacy”—military action should be a last resort (an example of the opposite: NATO bombing Serbia in 1999 before considering any other options)
  • Getting back to the original understanding of “The American Dream.” Not material comfort but community spirit and idealism
  • Weatherizing old buildings here in the Northeast could produce thousands of jobs and lower energy consumption. Some wealthy non-profit institutions own dozens of buildings that could be weatherized
  • CEOs with 400-to-1 income ratios over their employees—they must be held to account through House hearings and passing info to institutional investors
  • Shows of solidarity: store workers and shoppers stopped the Market Basket chain from selling out to a food business conglomerate
  • Protecting voting rights and expanding access